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J.W.WILAND (John William Wiland) private investigator and external collaborator of police forces all around the world.
Smoker, heavy drinker and avid philanderer apparently indolent but subtle in mind bold and sharp of infallible flair.
Considered the most brilliant investigative mind after Sherlock Holmes, yet marginalized from high society because of his questionable temperament.
Wiland moves in an obscure scenario between politics, theft, murder, rape and international intrigue at the threshold of the Second World War.
Until the rise of the Nazi madness.

J.W. Wiland was totally invented by the artist Matteo Nannini in 2012.
Subject, story, dialogues and drawings are entirely the work of the artist.

The dedication that appears at the opening of the first volume : “…To Edgar Allan Poe, Sir Arthur Conan Doyle, Howard Phillips Lovecraft,
whose obscure charm and brilliant insights have led to this over the years.
– Matteo Nannini –